Ecotourism in Daguang Village and Houbihu area in Kenting

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Ecotourism in Daguang Village and Houbihu area in Kenting

Houbi Lake (Houbihu)  in Daguang Community is an important fishing port in Hengchun area.

In addition to farming, the main income of the community is fishing. Houbi Lake has a vast and gentle coral reef sea erosion platform. The intertidal zone is wonderful and colorful. All kinds of sea anemones, sea urchins and starfish hide among the coral reefs and decorate the rugged coast.

It is suitable for parents and children to enjoy the water and observe the intertidal zone. ecology.

Daguang is also the hometown of Chen Da 陳達, a legend of folk playing and singing. Therefore, the Daguang community, which is rich in folk culture, has also formed a Yueqin class to sing Hengchun folk songs.

starfish in daguang beaches

Blue starfish found in intertidal zone of Daguang

Daytime intertidal tour in Daguang community

There is a vast and gentle coral reef sea erosion platform in the intertidal area of Houbi Lake (Houbihu). In addition to being a natural breakwater to reduce the impact of waves, it is also a nursery and home for many marine creatures. The intertidal zone is actually a harsh living environment under the hot sun and waves every day.

Nightime intertidal tour in Daguang Community

At night in the intertidal zone, creatures hiding in the reef caves appear one after another. The abundance of creatures is amazing.

There are rough sea cucumbers that are low in resistance to pressure and disperse when they encounter danger, and the blood-red six-gill sea swimming like a Spanish dancer skirt.

Slugs, the dreaded devil sea urchins, invite you to meet these dizzying sea creatures under the guidance of community commentators.

intertidal area ecotour in daguang village

Ecotourists in Daguang intertidal zone

sea creature daguang

Yuechin Culture in Daguang as a tourism highlight

Daguang Community is the hometown of Chen Da, who was well-known in the past. The Yueqin culture conveys various moods of his early life and touches the memories and emotions of many people.

Let us appreciate the traditional songs sung by the community elders who are constantly working hard to study Yueqin culture. In addition to Yueqin, there is also a concert with the folk guitar band – Meadow Star 草地之星. You must come and listen to experience folk music with different feelings!

Meadow Star 草地之星

Tips for Commuting

Daguang Community is located in the southwest of Hengchun Peninsula.

Get off the expressway from Kaohsiung Interchange, take Provincial Highway No. 17 through Donggang, Linbian to Fangliao, continue on Provincial Highway No. 1 and go south to Fenggang Port.

Take Provincial Highway No. 26 to Hengchun Town, continue along Provincial Highway No. 26 until When you see a 7-11 convenience store on your right, turn right into Nanguang Road when you see Kenting Swan Lake Villa Hotel on your left, turn left into Shawei Road at the end, continue straight into Daguang Road and go straight until the fork in the road, on the right.

When you see the wooden pavilion and the road sign of Daguang Community Development Association, you will arrive at Daguang Community Development Association “No. 87 Daguang Road, Daguang Village, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County”. 

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